What We Do?

We are dedicated to providing those going through addiction with a sober living environment coupled with supports designed to create a structured and productive lifestyle.

About Us

We are dedicated to changing the current structure of the sober living community as a whole across Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We currently offer services that no other sober living environment does; not only do we provide random drug testing but we also offer K-9 sweeps of our homes in order to decrease the chances of our residents using while also helping to further strengthen our structured sober living environment. Destination Recovery’s services help men recover from chemical dependencies so that they can become productive members of society, living a life free of drugs and alcohol. These positive and disciplined approaches help to introduce, encourage and assist each resident in developing, practicing and living a life of sobriety. Through our professional recovery coaching, attending recovery meetings and completing the 12-step process, each resident will have the opportunity to achieve the solution of freedom while living in the strongest preventive measures established across the recovery community.

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